Thursday, 10 March 2011

aku seorang "GRUNGER" dan ia mrupakan sbhagian dari aliran darahku...

pada korang yg bkn berjiwa underground,,xpyh baca la bnda alah nie k,..mana yg huruf besar 2 la  tajuk lagu2 nirvana..

a poem to grunger outside there

Just sit down and have a cup of PENNYROYAL TEA,
And i'll tell u about THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD,
So COME AS YOU ARE to my private party,
Just sit back and listen to the song ABOUT A GIRL,

the NIRVANA km9 that's kurt cobain,
who prayed his life just like a game,
and ended it just at his height of fame,
and never since, the world has never been the same,

nobody knew much abouT mr kurt cobain,
accept for his addiction to drugs and cocaine,
how much he suffered the agony and pain,
how it screwed up his mind and fried his brain,

having reason of the LAKE OF FIRE,
his brain so messed up it drove him insane,
feeling so DUMB of this life which he tired,
so there he stood alone ON A PLAIN,

his speech was mixed up all because of the drugs,
unable to even remember the notes;
playing was no longger fun,
alone in his room along with a sing,
and so he ended it by the trigger of a gun,

it SMELL LIKE TEEN SPIRITS is still fresh on air,
the tune so high like a dose of esstasy,
while some other groups play the tune so watch and carelessly,

as dave grohl from FOO FIGHTERS continues the legacy,
but for kurt cobain the world didn't seem very fair,
in this world of punk,trash, and other alternatif,
he died of a pain he could no longer bear,
although he is gone NIRVANA forever live!!!

and like some other legends they don't staydead for long,
as long as they're remembered by us faithfulfars,
as long as somebody keeps playing their song,
they'll allway be able to rise again and again...


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