Thursday, 2 June 2011

lagi sebulan nk balik arau..

aku merupakan seorang pelajar yg agak2 malas...rasa xda mud je nk buat report..padahal brape hari lg je nk balik perlis..bosan shiyal duk perlis....malas aku nk balik sbb semester 5 nie kene mangadap java programming..aku benci akan itu..pape pn tuhan tolong la berikan aku mud untuk setelkan report yg xbrape seronok nie...da mcm2 masalah jadi hingga aku shitbrix xnk buat report...ermm bosan,bosan dan terus bosan...dala....dkt kul 4 pgi da..aku nk kuar jap..lepaskan tension shari xkua umah..fuck serius memang xbest!!!


import javax.swing.JOptionPane;
public class OddEven {
    // "input" is the number that the user gives to the computer
    private int input; // a whole number("int" means integer)
     * This is the constructor method. It gets called when an object of the OddEven type
     * is being created.
    public OddEven() {
     * In most Java programs constructors can initialize objects with default values, or create
     * other objects that this object might use to perform its functions. In some Java programs, the
     * constructor may simply be an empty function if nothing needs to be initialized prior to the
     * functioning of the object.  In this program's case, an empty constructor would suffice, even if
     * it is empty. A constructor must exist, however if the user doesn't put one in then the compiler
     * will create an empty one.
    // This is the main method. It gets called when this class is run through a Java interpreter.
    public static void main(String[] args) {
         * This line of code creates a new instance of this class called "number" (also known as an
         * Object) and initializes it by calling the constructor.  The next line of code calls
         * the "showDialog()" method, which brings up a prompt to ask you for a number
        OddEven number = new OddEven();
    public void showDialog() {
         * "try" makes sure nothing goes wrong. If something does,
         * the interpreter skips to "catch" to see what it should do.
        try {
             * The code below brings up a JOptionPane, which is a dialog box
             * The String returned by the "showInputDialog()" method is converted into
             * an integer, making the program treat it as a number instead of a word.
             * After that, this method calls a second method, calculate() that will
             * display either "Even" or "Odd."
            input = Integer.parseInt(JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Please Enter A Number"));
        } catch (NumberFormatException e) {
             * Getting in the catch block means that there was a problem with the format of
             * the number. Probably some letters were typed in instead of a number.
            System.err.println("ERROR: Invalid input. Please type in a numerical value.");
     * When this gets called, it sends a message to the interpreter.
     * The interpreter usually shows it on the command prompt (For Windows users)
     * or the terminal (For Linux users).(Assuming it's open)
    private void calculate() {
        if (input % 2 == 0) {
        } else {


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